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Ready, Set Your Price & Sell!

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Ready, Set Your Price & Sell!

There are many things to consider when figuring an asking price for your home.

How much do you owe on the home? This will let you know what your bottom dollar needs to be and then you can figure a price after you include fees such as commission, deeds, inspections, etc.

What are similar homes in the area selling for? Look for homes with similar square footage, land size, construction year and upgrades. Check out homes that have recently sold and that are currently on the market so you will know your competition.

What are the conditions of the economy? Is it a good economy or a recession? Are there a lot of jobs and income for the people in your area? This is important because if the economy is bad that means not as many people will be able to afford to buy or if there are no jobs pulling people to the area the buyer pool will be low.

These all have influences on what you need to get from your home sale and what you can expect the real estate market to bring.

When you work with a realtor® at State Wide Realty Co, they will help you get this information for FREE by doing a Comparative Market Analysis. Call one of our 15 local real estate experts with a combined 400+ years of experience at 434-392-6163 to help you sell your home today!



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