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What to know when choosing a listing agent

State Wide Realty Answers:

What to Know When Choosing a Listing Agent

Selling your home is a major decision that affects numerous other life factors. This is why finding the right person to list your home is as important and deciding to sell.

When choosing a listing agent, keep these things in mind:

1. Does the agent live and work near my property? An agent that is not familiar with home selling trends for your area will not be able to provide you with good insight on how to effectively market your home and sell it quickly.

                All of our agents at State Wide Realty live and work in the South Central VA area and have a combined 375 years of experience. This knowledge helps you make the best decisions when it comes to selling your home and getting the most for it.

2. Who pays for the advertising of your property? Does your agent pay for advertising out-of pocket or does the firm pay for it? Understandably the budget of an individual agent is going to be less than that of the company.

                State Wide Realty pays for the advertising of ALL of our listings so that each one can get the most exposure and be sold quickly. So no matter which State Wide Realty agent you choose you can be assured that your listing is being promoted to the fullest extent possible.

3. Does the agent have good reviews? Check to see if the agent has testimonials or reviews to give you insight on how they work with their clients.

                Our State Wide Agents have customer testimonials and we value the relationship we build with each one of our customers. Some have come back to us after 40 years to sell a property we sold to them.

So when you are ready to make your MOVE call State Wide Realty Company at 434-392-6163 to get started with the company that has been #1 in South Central VA real estate for over a decade and counting!

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