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Packing Hacks

Packing Hacks


So you have bought your new home –Congrats! Now it’s time to move in and start enjoying this home you have always hoped for. Well not so fast, first you have to get your stuff packed up to move. This is where I come in to help. Here are some packing hacks to make getting your stuff from the old place to the new place a little bit easier.

Get boxes from your local ABC (alcohol beverage control) to use for packing glassware or other fragile items. These boxes come with the dividers which make it ideal to use for drinking glasses or vases.


Have a big plastic bin of towels or blankets? Put fragile items such as pictures in between them to provide a cushy ride for the move.

Have a baby or know someone who does? Well those baby diaper boxes have handles and are good for packing up the contents of drawers, or small storage spaces. *Packing note: make sure you tape the boxes on the bottoms so no items drop out.*

For your clothes on hangers: take a large lawn & leaf trash bag with the drawstrings and cut a semi-circle at the bottom. Open the bag and feed the clothes on the hangers through the hole. Draw the string in to make sure the bottoms of the clothes don’t get wet or dirty. *Packing note: you may have to fold the bottoms of long dresses or pant in half to fit inside the bag.*

download (1).jpg

Of course you want to make sure you label what each box/bag/tote has in it and where it should land in the new house.

Hope some of these Hacks make your move a little easier!


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