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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

State Wide Realty Home Tip:

How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

When cold weather strikes there is a threat of your pipes freezing and/or bursting. The expansion of the water when it freezes iswhat causes the pipes to eventually burst. There are several things you can do to PREVENT your pipes from freezing.

1. Make sure all your pipes under the house, in the garage, outside are properly insulated or
covered with a weatherproofwrap or sleeve. Consult your plumber or home improvement
expert for the best types to use.

2. When temperatures are going to be well below freezing outside keep a faucet dripping inside.
The movement of the water throughthe pipes will help keep the pipes from freezing.

3. Make sure any outside pools or fountains that have a water source running to it have been drained.

Hope these tips help to keep you from having to deal with frozen pipes! 

For more information on prevention and ways to thaw your pipes if they do freeze check out the American RedCross Website at :


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*The writer of this blog used the American Red Cross website for help with the included content.*

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