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State Wide Realty Asks: Are You Ready For Some Football?

State Wide Realty Asks:
Are You Ready For Some Football?

Nothing beats getting together and cheering on a team to victory. There are so many things that make a game day party
great from the friends, family and don’t forget the FOOD. Here are some of our favorite things to do and make for the big game.

First the décor:

                People like props such as a foam finger, beads, hats, glasses, etc. A bonus is these make your photos better as well.

                Use themed, football or team colors, for serving trays, bowls, plates and napkins. This is a simple way to add
décor without have to spend a lot.

                Offer interactive activities for the guests to do while they watch such as entering a guessing pool on who is
going to win, vote for your favorite commercial, demonstrate your touchdown dance when a team scores. These activities make the guests have things to look forward to and focus on the game to when an activity is to happen.

Now the food:

                This is a great time for finger foods. The game lasts for at least 3 hours so having foods that guests can
munch on throughout is a good way to keep them from getting hungry again before they leave. If a meal is a must
then you can offer a buffet of both main dishes and appetizers.

                Dips, chips, and things go a long way. One universal dip can be paired with chips, pretzels, vegetables and more.

                Try to offer high protein items such as meatballs, cheeses, hotdogs, and hamburgers. These with will fill
guests more than crackers.

                Know your attendees allergies and accommodate for any special dietary needs. Know your ingredients so
you can quickly identify them for someone who may need to stay away from something you put in a dish.

                Don’t skip the sweet stuff. We all like a little sugar so offer fruit, cookies, etc. to finish off the menu.

So let’s get this party started!!

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