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State Wide Tip

State Wide Realty Tips when Moving from the City to the Country
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Quite frequently, our office gets calls on various tracts of land that we are advertising.  Some of these calls come from people in the city that are planning to move to the country

If you’re thinking of moving to the country you may begin your search on the internet. You may find that many rural land and lots don't have addresses with them that's because they usually do not have 911 addresses until there is a dwelling in place.  The best way to locate such a property is to contact the agent and get the coordinates from features such as Google Earth.  A word of caution, even armed with these coordinates, GPS systems can be very unreliable in the country. Take a back up map, so you don't find yourself miles from a phone without a signal for your cell or GPS.

When thinking of moving to the country, it's important that subdivisions in the country are not the same as in the city. In the city the word subdivision or HOA brings to mind a community of homes nestled together on nicely manicured streets.  However, country subdivisions can vary greatly from 2 acre lots to 20 acres or more. These types of lots will allow for more privacy but you will still need to ask about restrictions and if there is a homeowner's association.

During your search for property in the country, it is also important to know a little about septic systems and wells. 

Septic Systems

How they work: The most common septic systems have a 1,000 gallon tank located near the dwelling. The sewage goes in and overtime the bacterium liquidizes most of it which in turn flows from the tank to a distribution box. From there it goes to the drain field buried about 8 feet underground and is absorbed by the soil.

What you need to know: Septic systems are mostly trouble free and can go years without pumping.  However, it is important not to put harsh chemicals in the tank because you will not need to add bacteria to a tank that has not been abused.

Wells  - In most rural areas, a well is the only source for water. When having a well drilled it is safer to pay a flat rate instead of by the foot.

For many that move from the city, it comes as a surprise that trash pick-up is not available at their home - rather trash must be taken to a land fill. A trash compactor is very useful. 

Many city dwellers look for property in rural areas for recreation. So it's important to note that you, your children or grandchildren do not need a hunting license to hunt on your own property even if you are a non resident. Also, a fishing license is not required for private ponds & lakes. 


We hope this helps all the city dwellers moving to the country avoid any unpleasant surprises and find the perfect country retreat.

Need to find your Perfect Country Place? Call State Wide Realty Co., at 434-392-6163, the #1 in South Central VA Sales for a reason! Visit our website at www.VaStateWideRealty.com

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