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What to do to Be Prepared to Sell Your Home

Is Your Home Ready to Sell? What you should do to be prepared.


We all have fond memories of the home or homes that we have lived in and that can make it hard to let go when selling. So how do you let go? There’s a time when you have to remind yourself that your memories go where you go they aren’t stuck in a room or closet in the house. This will make leaving easier when you think of the new memories to be made and shared in your NEW home.

            Make sure your home is clean and clutter free. Take down as much décor that is personal to you and your taste as possible so potential buyers can envision their things in each room and how they would decorate to make it their own. You don’t have to hide little Johnny’s picture in the closet but make sure he isn’t prominent in EVERY room so buyers won’t feel like they are taking little Johnny’s home away from him.  

            Staging your home is important when selling so that buyers can get a sense if there furniture will fit or if they will have to buy new stuff. Small touches such as flowers, accent pillows, or a mantle display can highlight your home’s best features. Ask your Realtor what their customers usually look for when buying and go from there.

            Focus on the details such as having the carpets clean and free of stains, the floors free of dust, and windows clean. These things can reflect negatively on the home if you not taken care of and draw attention away from the true features of the home.

Looking to LET GO of your Home?

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